December 5, 2007


Have you ever been faced with one of those really difficult, no-win situations where every choice is bad? For instance would you rather crawl naked through a pit filled with centipedes, spiders and fire ants or have your tongue cut out? Would you rather be inflicted with a strain of incurable VD or have sex with your brother or sister? Or perhaps this terrifying scenario is the stuff of your nightmares. Would you rather vote for Hillary or french kiss your grandma?

Watching football last night I decided we are faced with a similar conundrum. Which is worse, the Patriots going undefeated led by their cheating unlikable coach, or watching the pathetic spectacle of the aged '72 Dolphins waiting to pop a cork when the last team loses each year. For God's sake don't those guys have any more significant events in their lives -- marriages, children, grandkids, perhaps? Watching Jim Kick and Don Shula clinging to ancient memories and pinning their very existence on their glory days is pathetic. It is fitting tribute that in perhaps the year the record will be broken, the Dolphins will suffer a winless season. Karma has a way of biting your ass.

Now I have to see about kissing my grandma...

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