December 9, 2007

Dear Baltimore Colts Fans

I will concede the late Bob Irsay was an asshole. I will even concede that the Baltimore Colts were the heart and soul of the City in the 1950's. 60s and early 1970's. In the end, you have to let things go. The Colts dumped Johnny Unitas, remember that?

Look, if even 1/4 of you who claim that the Colts departure broke your heart, left you devastated and destroyed your beloved city had actually bought the reduced priced tickets to the Colts games in 1983, the Colts might have had a different history. Those of you from Baltimore who said you did not want to pay for a new stadium are responsible. Get over it, your rose colored glasses make you remember the times differently. Only about 10,000 of the supposed die-hard fans attended games the last two years the franchise was in Baltimore, the toilet by the bay. So your Dad was never the same -- was he a season ticket holder? If not he should blame himself.

It has been nearly a quarter of a century now. You have a good team. You won a Superbowl. Let it go already. The Ravens must feel like the lady who married the widower. She is forced to look at pictures of the old wife on the piano, always being reminded she is not the Original. No matter how she tries to look pretty, no matter how much love she gives her husband, his heart is half in the cold hard grave of his first wife. Every time you bitch and moan and claim the Colts are yours, you tell me why you should not have an NFL franchise -- you still have not learned to appreciate what you have.

Detroit stole the Pistons, I do not hear Fort Wayne crying. Hell, Boston and Milwaukee lost the Braves. And look at the A's, how many cities have they called home? The Cardinals (football)started in Chicago, spent decades in St. Louis and now are home in the desert. Now the Rams are in St. Louis. There is an almost 100 year precedent in professional sports of teams moving to different cities, taking the name and history with them. You are not the first, nor the last. You just cry about it more and louder than the rest. This stuff happens in professional sports -- it is a business. Let it go already.

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