January 30, 2008

And another thing...

It looks like McCain just might get the nod for the Repubs. I do not possess the vocabulary to express my disappointment with that choice. I keep waiting for that phantom Conservative candidate to show up in time to win the Superdooper Tuesday Primaries. Can we vote for the ghost of the gipper? I know this if my choices are McCain and the Hildebeast, I might just stay home. How do you choose between bad and worse? Do you want your eyes poked or your balls kicked?

A vote against Hillary equals a vote FOR McCain. He of the Keating Five, He who is against reducing taxes but amnesty for criminals. He is who is for limiting my Constitutional Rights, but in favor of granting them to Islamofascists and terrorists. He who claims to be a 'maverick' but is really just a RINO at best. How ironic that the two candidates that have been at the edge of dubious fundraising in their careers might be going head to head. McCain only became for campaign finance reform after he was caught.

As I have stated before, is this really the best we can came up with for candidate of the most powerful office in the world?

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