January 21, 2008

Another movie review

What can I say? Well, nothing.

I am bored by politics. I am already looking for that magic spot on the ballot that reads "None of the Above." There is one bright spot, if the Hildebeast is elected, Congress will turn Republican and Conservative in two years. We have seen often in the past that the President cannot do much with a recalcitrant Congress. Even better, Congress cannot do much either. Gridlock is not necessarily a bad thing kiddoes.

Great game in freezing Green Bay last night. Gutsy call for the Jersey Giants to put the kicker in to win the game. He had already shanked a couple of shorter ones.

Man, I would laugh my ass off if the Patriots lost. It can happen. Remember what the underdog Patriots did to the supposedly unstoppable Rams a few years ago? I would like at some point to see the fawning media actually care that the Patriots are admitted cheaters. Greatest team of all time? Maybe, but they need at least a small asterisk.

We went to the movies last night. The jackass girl behind us talked and laughed and moaned ohhhh at every little happy/sad/cute/sentimental/funny moment. By the end of the movie I was ready turn around and choke the life from the skinny bitch. If her boyfriend did not dump her by the time he took her home he is a moron, an idiot and a complete dunce. I do not care if she could pleasure him nine different ways, spending one more minute with a stupid, rude cunt like that is not worth it. If he does not break up with her, he deserves to spend a lifetime dealing with tasselled heart-shaped pillows on his couch and the constant yipping of a little ankle-biting dog. The kids will sport monikers like "Buffy" and "Bobby" and he will be forced to have the family portrait taken 12 times a year in matching outfits because "Ohhh, it will be so cute." Their family room will have a flowered couch and there will be a glass cabinet filled with figurines with big heads and bigger eyes. Pictures of kittens will hang in the hallway. She will probably make him eat tofu burgers. She will make her kids eat granola bars and drink sugarless KoolAid. He will live in miserable hell of cuteness and sickening sweetness and soccer until one final "ohhh" drives him to beat her senseless with a baseball bat one cold January night after a dreadful theme party. He will kick her a final time in the mouth and tell her "That is for ruining every movie we have ever seen by talking and 'ohhhh-ing' and being an all around dumb blond bimbo." I, for one will stand up and cheer, praying I can be on the jury.*

I cannot give a review to the movie because some loud-mouth girl right behind me distracted me the whole damn movie.

I watched the second half of Packers game and then a DVD of "Big Jake" when I got home. I give it four stars. The Duke kills that SOB who cuts up his dog with a machete. 'Nuff said.

* If the above description resembles one of my readers in any way, well too bad.

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