January 18, 2008

Enough Already

It is the 18th of January. Turn off your Christmas lights. No one loves the Christmas Season more than I, but enough is enough. I do not mind much when the lights are turned on mid-November, The tree displays and merchandising that begins almost before the Halloween bats and witches are taken down is an irritant. The assholes that burn the colored lights and inflate their Snowmen and Santas in the middle of January are just pathetic. Driving home from piratically Wisconsin last night I saw several houses twinkling with the Holiday glow. In my own town I counted four houses in the mile or so between my abode and Wal-Mart. I admittedly live in a white-trash heavy community. That is no excuse.

Look, I understand the weather or extenuating circumstances may prevent you from taking down the lights. Sometimes you just cannot get to it. My own Mother-in-Law sported the same lights year round for years. When the old strand burned out, she just nailed new ones over the old. But she did not turn them on beyond a suitable period after Christmas.

Let it go people. Keep Christmas glowing in your heart, not on your roof. Get rid of that tree, ride the sleigh, do not display it. We are long past the Twelfth Night. Santa is on vacation, the reindeer are mating in their stables. Turn off those lights.

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