January 16, 2008

Steroids in baseball

I have often decried the growth of the Nanny State and the interference of Government into our lives. A reading of the writings of the founders is clear evidence they intended a limited government. The latest and best example is the current hearings into steroid use in baseball.

I love America's pastime. I firmly believe the game has been tainted by performance enhancing drugs. It makes me sick. Is is none of the Government's business. It is mere grandstanding in an election year. If Chris Shays and his buddies were so concerned, they would take time to learn the names of the cast of characters. "Mr. Sellick", whom I guess is Bud Selig and "Mr. Palmeri" (Palmero?) are key figures in the investigation. Don't these assholes in Congress have any shame?

Let us bring back the Whig party. What we have now is parties of Big Government and Really Big Government. I am so sick of politics...

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