January 28, 2008

Sunday Review

Last night I fried up some breaded tenderloins and baked some mac and cheese. Add some biscuits and frozen corn and we had a fine Sunday meal.

I took the little one to do some hitting at an inside cage yesterday afternoon. He is getting in the mood for some baseball. The season ended on such a down note last year, I was concerned about his attitude. He will be fine. I guess it is time to quit calling him little one, he will be driving (with a learner's permit) this time next year. In my mind he is still my little guy. He is taller than my wife and will likely catch me in his next growth spurt. The oldest is already taller.

My wife, daughter and eldest son are all fighting the cold/flu. I hope it stays away from me, but I feel that pressure in my sinuses and the nose is starting to drip a little. I am getting that achy feeling in my bones, so I am afraid I am about to get hit. I hope if it going to get me , it comes soon. I am off to warm climes next week for work and I want to be feeling good while enjoying the sun, er work.

My oldest boy has been offered a potential recording contract. He has been asked to record a single, in any case. The company is picking up the recording tab. We keep trying to offer encouragement without getting his hopes too high. He said he would quit college if it happened. We had to have a long talk about that. Any possible recording deal would have to pay enough for him to live on. We explained that if he quits college not only would he no longer have health or dental insurance, but he will immediately have to start paying on his student loans. Welcome to reality, son.

Here is his music page [edit. removed, if you want to check it out send me an email and I will provide the link.] It is not necessarily my taste in music, but I do like the song "Ricochet". He plays all of the instruments and sings. He taught himself to play the bass, the guitar, and keyboards -- all in the last two years or so. He played drums in the middle school band. He also did the recording. His songwriting skills have improved significantly in the last year.

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