January 9, 2008

Voter ID

Today the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Indiana's Voter ID Law. The original lawsuit was filed by the Democrat Party and a Democrat lawmaker. Some individuals have an issue with a person proving his identity prior to voting. The law is designed to prevent voter fraud. As the Democrat Party has led the cry against voter fraud, claiming Democrat voters have been disenfranchised in the past several elections, one would think they should be behind this measure. I guess Democrats only see voter fraud when their candidate loses. Just as they only wanted to review ballots in heavily Democrat precincts in Florida, we can only draw the conclusion Democrats do not want elections examined too closely in certain areas. They apparently do not have any interest in verifying Democrat and Republican voters are checked to ensure they are not dead, double voting, and are who they claim to be.

The arguments against the law are it places an undue burden on the poor, minorities and the elderly. Critics of the law also claim that it hurts people who live in rural areas. Indiana, "The Crossroads of America" ranks near the top in highway miles per capita. This is not the turn of the 20th Century. Few need to hook up the old horse and wagon to make the trip to town to vote. Most residents in Indiana live within a few miles of their licence branch. The State will supply an ID free of charge if you cannot afford it. In addition, one does not need to present a photo ID to cast an absentee ballot.

I find it amazing the citizens of this state can get to town to buy groceries and cigarettes. They can go to Church and vote. But getting a photo ID is a burden.

Give me a break.

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