February 15, 2008

Continuing on a theme

What is it with people who are always looking for change? My wife makes terrific chocolate chip cookies. She probably uses the same recipe as your wife or mother or sister. This recipe is time-tested and produces a consistent, gooey sweet treat that makes a glass of milk more enjoyable than a 20 year old Bordeaux.

Of course she is looking for a new recipe. Wednesday night she tried something new. The results were a cookie that was OK, good but not great. It was mile better that that abortion of sugar and flour called a chips ahoy, but by Thursday morning these wife's confections were as hard as a rock and as favorable as a chocolate chip paper plate. How do you exp...

sorry I just had to dispose of a big-assed centipede that was strolling across my living room floor. WTF - it is February? I guess spiders and ants will be next.

..lain that you have not eaten any of the cookies because they are like eating flat chocolate chip encrusted rocks? She would claim she was trying to find a better recipe. I would say why change what is already good enough? Fundamental differences in personality are at work here folks. Do not get me wrong, I am not against change. I am against change for changes sake. There is a clear difference. What are you -- a changer or a traditionalist?

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