February 28, 2008

Thursday Five

We all have favorite songs. We also have artists and songs that we hate, that we will change the radio station upon hearing the very first notes. There are also songs that many people hate, but we secretly love. These are the songs from our youth, pop songs from one hit wonders, maybe sentimental favorites.

Here are five songs I really like that were panned by the critics. Songs that time has forgotten. Tunes it is totally uncool to like. The music you sing when alone in the shower or car.

1. The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace
2. The Three Bells by the Browns
3. The Unicorn Song by The Irish Rovers
4. In the year 2525 by Zager and Evans
5. One Tin Soldier by Coven (The legend of Billy Jack)

and as a bonus who does not secretly love Daydream Believer or anything by ABBA (especially SOS). Those tight blue spandex pants those girls wore...

Let no one say I do not put my self out for criticism.

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