March 28, 2008

I am so excited

I have decided to take this old blog to a new level. I have developed a semi-devoted following and in order to get my readership levels higher I need to do some advertising. In that spirit, I have introduced a new line of Fat in Indiana T Shirts. I know you will be proud to wear a shirt that proclaims to the world, I read Hoosierboy! Be the first on your block, in your school, at WalMart to be part of the Hoosierboy Army. What is really cool is you do not need to go to some fly-by-night dot com or hit a paypal button to get these shirts. I promise to make them available right in your town!

In keeping with my sooper sekrit identity, these shirts proclaim your allegiance to this site, while keeping our anonymity. Hoosierboy T-shirts will be hiding in plain sight. You will know when you see a fellow HBer, you will be in your own secret, mucho-exclusive club. A subtle nod, wave or high sign will seal the unspoken pact -- I read Fat in Indiana.

Here is the Men's version:

It is also available in the popular V-Neck:Ladies, I have not forgotten about you:

Maybe you prefer a Tank top shirt for summer wear:
And finally, I know some of you hot ladies have a secret crush on the old Hoosierboy. What better way to live out your fantasies than by putting my clothing line right on your most erotic girl parts. Just for you, there is a line of Fat in Indiana undies. These are emblazoned with the same super secret non-viewable image found on our T-Shirts. You can sleep with your man, and HB at the same time! Your love life will never be the same:

This exclusive line of clothing can be found at WalMart, K-Mart, Walgreens or at most major department stores. I can also ship direct, Just send $29.95 (cash only) to me and I will ship a preworn, autographed shirt to you.

Do not miss out. Order now, supplies may be limited. Hurry, if you buy in the next week or two a special three pack can be yours.

Support the Hoosierboy, order now!

As a special bonus, send me a picture wearing your Fat in Indiana T-shirt and I will post it. You are part of the Hoosierboy Army!

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