March 26, 2008


No, not the H kind.

The boy is getting ready for a school trip to DC next week. I have to have him at the airport by 4:45 in the am Monday. He will hit the sights of the Nation's Capital and return Wednesday evening. Arlington, Mount Vernon, the White House, the Mall, the Capitol, the Pentagon, the Smithsonian, and a dinner cruise along the Potomac are all on tap. The cherry trees might even be in bloom if the weather warms a bit. He is excited about the trip. He will be bummed when he returns and realizes he spent half of his spring break actually learning something. Education and knowledge sometimes sneaks right up on you when you least expect it.

I know he will be safe, but a little prayer that the terrorist stay away next week might be in order. That very idea is a sad commentary on the world of today, isn't it?

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