March 14, 2008

Return of the Jedi

I wrote three posts while I was traveling. Mobile Blogger said all was fine, but they disappeared into the Ethernet. I do not know where they posted, but it was not here. If you are having random posts appear on your blog, let me know.

Anyhoo, after several visits to my customers and lots of driving I am home. Here are a few highlights. I drove down the narrow and very rough Indiana Toll Road. I followed a Semi in the left lane going exactly 65-1/32 mph. He was passing a truck in the right lane going exactly 65. It took nearly 20 miles for him to pass. The line of cars in the left lane stretched as far as I could see in my review mirror. I nearly stroked out screaming and yelling at that jackass. It kept me awake at least.

As you probably know you curbside waiting is no longer allowed at American Airports. Most airports have officers that walk the terminal sidewalk enforcing the rules. In typical Chicago fashion they drive around and pull behind the offending vehicle and blow the siren and use a loudspeaker to issue the "move on" warnings. I was picking up the President of our company. I had already made a couple of circuits around lovely O'Hare and he was walking across the inner road to the outer island so I could pick him up. I pulled to the curb when he was about 30 yards away. The police van followed me to the curb. As soon as I stopped he blew his siren a short blast. I pointed at my passenger. The cop told me to move on from his loudspeaker. The boss approached the car and I popped the trunk open. This infuriated the officer. He blew a longer blast and shouted for me to close the trunk and move NOW. I got out and told them my passenger was right there -- pointing to the 6'4" person TEN FEET from my car. The cop leaned out and said "I don't care, drive around". The boss threw his bag in the trunk and jumped in as the cop was getting out with his ticket book. I threw the car in gear and left. I was at the curb less than one fucking minute total by the dashboard clock.

I broke from staying at my traditional Hampton Inn and stayed one night in a brand new Hilton Garden Inn. The room was nice, comfortable and spacious. Cool LCD screen TV, mini-fridge etc. My only complaint was the $5.95 for a continental breakfast. The room was only five bucks more than the Hampton one block away, and I got a heap of bonus points for staying there.

More travel next week. It is good to be me.

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