March 7, 2008

Weekend Funny

That is what I just might do today. It is friggin March. Come on Mother Nature. Spring is in days, people. For the sake of AlGore why is there 4-6-8? inches of snow in my drive? If you did not know, it is really flat here. Not Kansas or Iowa flat -- they have gently rolling hills. I am talking the flat of North and Central Ohio/Indiana/Illinois. That means I have drifts you can measure in feet. I will give you an example. My patio table is protected on three sides by the house and a privacy fence. The prevailing winds are blocked. One end of the six foot table has about two inches of snow on it. This is the exposed end. The other side of the six foot table has about 8 inches of snow. I know some of you have it worse, this amount of snow is no big deal. It isn't here either, in January. It is March already, AlGore. Bring on the global warmin'.

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