March 30, 2008

Weekend Funny

Here kitty, kitty...Look what we found..Aren't they cute?...Can we keep 'em...Please, please, puhleeeeeze?...Daddy?...Are you all tight?...Mommy, Daddy fell over again just like he does when he drinks his beer...

What is up with my brain? I cannot wake up on weekdays, yet every weekend my eyes pop open at an unGodly hour. Ok, I admit it -- I crack me up. I guess most of you did not find the T-shirt thing very funny. You have no idea how long it took to find the celebrity pictures. Oh, well, I entertained me, and that is what it is all about. I bet you thought I was supposed to be all about making Your day better. You have not been reading here long, huh?

A ton of travel is on the schedule for this week. Posting may be spotty. There will be a big, and I mean Huge, very special post here tomorrow. It would be best if you click on this website early and often. You do not want to miss out. A clikee every seven minutes or so would be about right.

I though my coffee maker was dying yesterday. It worked fine today though. The sky has a steel gray light this morning. I suspect we are in for a day of rain. The yard is soaked and the creeks and streams are already swollen from the heavy rains last week. If it keeps it up I will have to mow the lawn in early April. We have some of those giant decorative grasses. My Mom says I need to cut them back. How far? Do I just cut the tall part of the whole thing? How do I cut it? Will hedge trimmers work? Look at that: three separate ideas in one little paragraph. A clear example of poor writing and the dysfunctional ramblings of my brain. I am sorry to say a conversation with me is about as random. I think I am losing it.

The boy is off to DC tomorrow. We have to leave for the airport a little before four in the morning. After that I have a long day of driving in front of me. I probably should try to go to bed early this evening. That means I will have to skip my Sunday afternoon nap. Man, the sacrifices I make for my kids.

Here is a random fact about me -- I blog on a black, wooden chair. That means after a couple hours of reading your blogs, my ass gets tired of sitting. I guess that means your blogs are all a big pain in the ass! Hah! I crack me up, really I do.

Friday I watched The Song Remains the Same The Led Zeppelin movie chronicling their 1970's era concert in New York. The movie is interspersed with fantasy scenes. That is one band I would have liked to seen back in the day. I am sure a lot is lost in the transition to video, but wow. I first saw this flick back in the 1980's on VHS. The kids bought me the remastered version on DVD for Christmas. I will let you borrow it, just let me know. You have to send me a picture in a plain white T-shirt though. Yep, like a bulldog, I let nothing go. I know one other thing, this whole post stinks. Look back at the top -- life is a full circle, baby.

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