April 2, 2008

Let me be your personal banker

Sunday evening I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash. I put in my pin and selected the amount. The mahine made its whirring noise and began to count cash. After a bit it told me my transaction was denied. I was not sure if I had asked for more than my daily limit or if there was a problem with the machine, so when it askedif I wanted another transaction, I asked for a smaller amount. I was notified the machine could not dispense cash at that time. No problem, these things happen. Later that evening the wife was checking the balance and my account was debited the $500 anyway! After a couple of phone calls we got this cleaned up on Monday.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening. I am in a strange city traveling. I still have to get some cash. I go to the ATM and request $200. Click whir and one twenty comes out. A few seconds later two more are dispensed. Another appears followed by lots of machine noises That is it.The machine flashes 'out of order'. Great, I am in a strange city at an ATM that is not my bank and it only gave me part of my cash. How often do they balance the ATMs in a hotel lobby?

Fortunately, the receipt stated I only received $80. I bet you could hear my sigh of relief. I do not think I will use the ATM again for a while.

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