April 7, 2008

Ok, already

I went to the store to get some rolls and cheese. Mac and Cheese goes perfect with ham loaf. I threw the groceries in the back seat and buckled in. I looked out the side window and there was a big old yellow jacket perched on the mirror. He was looking in the window at me with that pissed-off look bees usually have. I pulled out of the parking space and the bee stung the mirror. As I pulled out on the street, he manoeuvred himself so he was facing the wind. At twenty he was hanging tough, I imagined his little bee tongue was hanging out lapping the breeze like a hound dog in a pickup truck. At thirty his wings were fluttering and I am sure he was imagining the tales of the speed he 'flew'. In his little bee mind he was already scoring with the ladies. At forty he fell off. C'est la vie.

The boy made it back from DC, he had a great time. He could not get the digital camera to work, but he did take about 250 pictures and a couple of videos on his camera phone. He went swimming over the weekend. He took his best friends with him -- his iPod and his cell phone. Why he put them in the pocket of his swim trunks is a mystery only understood by a teenager (one of his best buddies ruined his cell phone also by going into the Atlantic with the phone in his pocket). Did I mention ALL of his Washington pictures were on his phone? I used the hair dryer on them and left both sitting for a few days. The iPod actually works, but there is no longer a back light. The phone just makes a humming noise. I think it is shot. We have a couple of upgrades coming, so we can replace the phone free. But if anyone knows how to recover the pictures please let me know in the comments. The pictures were saved to the phone, not the sim card. He is pretty upset the pictures may be lost.

I did not go too ballistic, he is usually pretty responsible. Even as a little kid he took very good care of his toys. He did not break them or abuse them. He must have got that from his mother. I was not very good to my toys. Tonka trucks indestructible -- Ha, Otter and I would laugh as pieces fell to the curb. We would stage elaborate wrecks and pile ups with our Hot Wheels. We would beat them with hammers and soak them in lighter fluid or gas for that special effect. Too bad there was no video, our 'crashes' were special.

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