April 12, 2008

RIP Petunia

About a year ago the wife was gifted a pink petunia in a hand decorated pot. I am not sure if it was a gift for teacher appreciation day or an end of school token or what. That pink Petunia sat in the kitchen window through the spring. Summer saw it grow and bloom. We moved to this house in the fall and it sat on the kitchen counter and thrived.

Winter was tough, the blooms dried up and one of the 'branches' withered and died. I nursed it through the cold, faithfully watering and talking to it each morning as I made the coffee. The last few months saw the plant struggle with life. After one long trip I berated the wife for not giving old Petunia some water. She said I should just throw that old dead thing away. I pointed out that it was still green, that she would bloom again come spring. The very heavy travels of the last two weeks took their toll. Maybe it was lack of water, maybe it was old age, perhaps the plant missed the soothing melody of my voice, but I think the Petunia has died. I tried doses of glorious water, a little fertilizer to no avail -- no form of life support has brought color to the brown lifeless stem. I think I will have to pull the plug. Goodbye old friend.

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