April 16, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Have you found yourself in a situation that made you ridiculously uncomfortable? In the olden days, before cell phones, before most of us had computers in our house, when I was a young Hoosierboy fresh from college, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I worked as a management trainee at an injection molder of plastics. As such, I spent time with the white-collar types that inhabited the front office. In fact, I was the backup for almost every position. I did scheduling, payroll, customer service, shipping paperwork, etc. I also spent time in various supervisory positions on the shop floor. Whenever there was nothing else to do, I worked in the shipping/warehouse department as unofficial assistant manager.

In this duty I received the list of shipments for the day, then as the shipments were ready I went to the office and detailed the weight, number of cartons and pallets so the lady who prepared the shipping documents could type the Bill of Lading, Packing Lists, etc. These are all mundane tasks that occur in manufacturing plants and warehouses every day.

The lady who did the this paperwork was a semi-attractive blond in her middle to late thirties. She always struck me as a nice, if not too bright, person. One spring she went on a Caribbean vacation with her husband. I filled in for her while she was gone. Upon her return I went to other duties. For some reason one of my colleagues went to get the list of daily shipments that Monday morning. I was busy all day shrink wrapping, preparing shipments, etc. Jeff gave me the paperwork to take up front to get the Bill of ladings done. I asked why he could not do it, I was busy. He just laughed and said I should go. He said I should ask Donna to see the pictures from her vacation, if she did not offer.

I sat down next to Donna's desk and gave her the pertinent info. As I was about to leave the office (this office was shared by three women) Donna asked if I had seen her vacation pictures. She handed me the packet. The first was a picture of the resort and the beach. Beautiful. The rest were of her in various poses, some with her husband and some not. In each of these pictures, she was either topless or completely naked. They had gone to a nudie resort.

I was 25. These were pictures of a naked chick with a nice rack. What is the proper etiquette? Does one rush through the pictures, or study each in detail? How long is too much when staring at naked boobies and bush? Keep in mind, she was not showing these images for shock value; in her mind she was just sharing pictures from a great vacation. Her Tetons and Grand Canyon pictures were a little different than mine.

The pictures laid on her desk for about a week. Every guy in the shipping department got a chance to take up the shipping info. Guys share like that. I was never able to look at her the same.

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