May 1, 2008

I hate politicians

Windfall taxes on the oil companies will be a VERY SHORT TERM fix to high gas prices. The result will be gas shortages and eventually even higher prices as the companies find a way to maintain profits and pass the taxes to the end user.

Obama and Clinton both say they want to pour millions into alternative sources for fuel.. What are these mysterious sources that will reduce our dependence on oil in months or years? There is no promising solution on the horizon. How about we drill for our OWN oil? The increased flow of oil will reduce DEMAND by increasing SUPPLY. Then prices will come down. One clear reason gas is $3.75 a gallon is Bill Clinton's veto of approval to drill in ANWR ten years ago.

To the local politician who runs ads 24/7 -- George Bush has never sponsored, voted upon or passed a single piece of legislation. Either you are a pandering liar, or you have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the political process. Either makes you an unacceptable candidate.

The Government cannot create jobs. Presidents cannot make our streets safer. Punishing oil companies will not reduce the price nor increase the supply of gas. Will Clinton/Obama explain how giving people tax refunds now will help stimulate the economy, but how tax cuts are evil? Does not each put more spending money into the hands of the consumer?

I have more -- lots more -- but I am out of time. Work, work, work.

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