May 5, 2008

New Improved -- With All Natural Ingedients

I have a very busy week ahead. Customer visits are on tap. I have to prepare for the annual sales meeting coming up next week. I have not even started on my presentation. Some joker made the quarterly forecast due at the same time. My preprinted forecast sheets are more than 110 pages long. In my spare time I have to mow the yard (or do you say cut the grass, cut the lawn, mow the lawn?). The point is posting may be light this week. Or not. Your best bet is to check in twenty or thirty times a day to see if I have anything new up.

So Dick can rest easy, this old fart is merely coaching a team of 13-15 year olds. What fun and joy, they have such great attitudes and respond so favorably to criticism...

For any of you so stupid as to buy into the Federal Gas tax holiday bullshit, consider this. None of the candidates will take office until January 2009. Maybe some of you law experts can help me here, but tax law and tax codes are created by Congress. Does the President even have the authority to override a law passed by Congress? In any case you will not see relief for a long, long, long time. In the years it will take to create the mythical alternate fuels, more efficient engines etc., we could have the oil flowing out of ANWR. More supply will decrease demand and give us lower prices. I do not understand what the most basic truth of economics eludes the socialists of the world. The law of supply and demand always always always is in effect for every commodity. Your wife understands this when she uses her 'favors' to get you to paint the living room, and the smart guys at OPEC understand it too. Even the most primitive aborigines in the deepest jungles know that if an item is rare or scarce, it has greater value. There is a reason dirt has never been used as currency.

My Dad sent me a terrifying email. The formatting was all hinky, he somehow cut off half of the pictures and text -- vertically. I was able to make out the gist of the story. It seems some lady, in some city bought some plants from some store. You are already convinced of the veracity aren't you? Any way when she replanted the perennials and pulled the liner from the bottom of the pot it was filled with tiny, baby, oh so cute copperheads. They look like menacing poisonous worms in the picture. If that had happened to me, we would have had lots of fertilizer for the plants, 'cause I would have shit right on the spot.

It reminds me of the time Otter and I were at Boy Scout Camp near Bloomington, Indiana (locals know which one I am referring). We took a little used trail behind the Chapel and he stepped on a whole mess of baby copperheads. Lucky he had boots on. That year (mid 1970's) the snakes were thick at the camp. We saw dozens of blacksnakes and copperheads that summer. I do not think I slept the whole week, worrying a snake would curl up next to me in the sleeping bag.

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