June 27, 2008

Some people are jerks

My daughter works as a waitress at a country club. She is paid reasonably well. All of her customers are well to do. Most are wonderful people, some are rich assholes. She was telling us about a jerk she dealt with the other day. He is a drunk and a asswipe to boot. After the table of nine or ten ordered their drinks the drunk went to the bathroom. As my daughter was delivering the tray of drinks, this Bozo slipped behind her and scared her, making her drop the entire tray of drinks. She was pissed because the drinks got all over her, she was embarrassed and it made her look bad. Luckily, her supervisor saw the whole thing. Beyond being an alcoholic drunk jerk, what would make a person act this way, or to think it was funny?

In part two of "why would people do this?" we saw a female at WalMart last night covered in tattoos. If someone wants to do that, good for them. I am an open minded person. It was the subject matter I found strange. Why would a woman want a full frontal naked woman tattooed the length of her upper arm? It was very good work, but boobs and pubes on your bicep, and you are a woman? All of her 'art' was of the black line variety -- no color-- and from a distance she looked like she was covered in bruises or maybe dirt. Really strange.

We hit the mall for a brief period last night. I was sitting, watching the people go by. This guy was fiddling with his phone and started broadcasting classic rock from an Internet stream. His phone was turned up pretty loud and everyone was giving him dirty looks. The phone guy finally discovered how to turn it down. Oh wait, the phone guy was me. Never mind, there is no issue here.

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