July 23, 2008

Finally I can come out of the Clothet

Joan, always one to call a spade a spade (relax Dallas, Texas the reference is to cards) has outed me. I am now out of the closet. You all now know I am as gay as South Carolina! I am listening to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music right now. A Chorus Line is up next. Come on and sing along: One...singular sensation.... I am off later to complete my Judy Garland CD collection. The H&G network is tuned in and I spent the night catching up on all of the Design Star episodes. I think I am going to like this gay lifestyle, well, except the taking it up the no no chute part. But what-the-heck, if my wife can get by without putting out, I can do the same with my not yet found gay partner. Maybe I can be gay without being, gay. Can I be a queer guy who likes chicks?

The little one's baseball team finished as runners up in the SE Indiana State Championship. They have finished as number two five of the last six years. The boy ended up hitting .400 for the tournament, scoring two runs. He got little playing time. It makes you feel good when the parents all ask why he is not playing and most of the team is asking him what he did to the coach to not get to play. Even the coach's son is telling his dad the boy should be playing. Of course the coach is a cement head who will never admit he is wrong or made a bad decision, so he will not change the starting lineup no matter what. One kid had ONE hit in over twenty at-bats (with 5 errors). Thank goodness this is the last year we have to play for this guy.

I am not one of those parents who thinks his kid is the greatest ever. I recognize reality. The boy is a good, better than average player. He is the 6th or 7th best player on the team. He was good enough to play with the high school JV team this summer and start. If he can play for the high school (he is an incoming Freshman)and start and hit against high school pitching, he is good enough to start and play for a team of 14 year olds. I got into an argument with the coach TWO years ago, and he has taken it out on my kid ever since. As a 9,10,11,and 12 year old all-star the boy started and played every minute. Then the coach and I had a disagreement (I thought we should play fall baseball, he did not want to), and the boy has played sparingly since. Did the boy suddenly become bad?


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