July 21, 2008

An open invite for Obama fans

Let us say you worked for a big company, made a decent wage and liked your job. Lets say the company hired a guy right out of school and made him a low level supervisor on a swing shift. After a few months he moved into a higher position. After about a year in mid-level management the company and its board of directors decided this bright, good looking, articulate young man should be handed the reigns of the company and made CEO. Would that give you a warm fuzzy? Would you feel comfortable your job would be there in a year or two?

I did not think so. Then how in the fuck can you even consider voting for an empty suit with NO Discernible accomplishments, no demonstrated leadership skills, nothing on his resume at all to indicate he should be given the office of President of the United States of America? Name one thing, besides offering an empty promise of Hope and Change that Obama has EVER accomplished?

If you believe Obama is the man for the job you are an idiot. His platform is straight from the Communist Manifesto. Look it up. Go to Barry's web site and read his plan for Hope and Change. Then read the seminal works of Marx and Engels. Seven of the ten points outlined by the fathers of communism are part of Obama's vision for America. Do you think it would be cool to live in 1970's USSR, or Cuba, or any of the African shitholes that have adopted Communism? Does the life of a Venezuelan peasant sound good to you? Do you want to stand in line to by a roll of sandpaper asswipe or bread?

Prove me wrong. Here is an open invite to any Obama supporter -- I will let you have the keys to this broken down Chevy Nova blog to create your own post refuting me. Highlight where I am wrong in the comments and I will give all the space you need for a post detailing your position. Make it good, I have to be convinced.

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