July 9, 2008

Wish Management

Years ago when I worked in the lower ranks of the Big Corporation, we commented the company was run by Wish Management. That is to say the Company Management Wished something could happen and dictated it would. It did not matter if it was practical or possible. Certain managers adopted the Nike slogan "Just do it" long before it was seen on TV and T-shirts. Tons of money and hours of work were spent implementing policies and practices that actually hurt production and raised bottom line costs, all because some VP of Operations read about it in a book written by an academic who had never spent a day managing a shop floor or creating a production schedule.

These same sort of people make up the bulk of Washington politicians and the totality of the green wing of the Democratic Party. We all want clean water and herds of polar bears prowling the Arctic Desert. Who does not want to save the bald eagle and redwood trees? But the very idea we can somehow just live without cars and trucks and oil is ludicrous. Did you know it takes more energy to create the battery for a hybrid car than that same car can save in ten years? It takes more energy to refine ethanol form corn than oil? Who are we kidding? the new mandated light bulbs are an environmental hazard. Greenies have touted the evils of mercury and its effects on humans, fish and wildlife for decades and now they want me to bring mercury laden light bulbs into my house? Who was lying to whom? Is mercury safe or not?

Democrats and Obama want us to conserve oil. OK, I will do my best. They want to put millions and millions of dollars, my hard earned taxed dollars taken against my will from my salary, toward developing "alternate fuels". What are we talking here, cars that run on water? You see, this mysterious alternate fuel technology does not exist. It is just another case of "wish management". The libtards wish there was such a thing and it will happen. What then, water is a limited resource, already parts of the world are in a drought? What happens when millions of cars start using it as fuel? That aside, where do the Obamaramas think the average Hoosierboy will get the money to buy a new car that uses the new super duper mysterious not yet developed fuels? I will tell the dealership I wish I could afford it. The Democrats will likely try to by my vote by subsidizing my purchase.

Anyone who honestly believes we will not be running on gas and oil in 10 years is a dreamer and a fool. Cars may get better gas mileage, but that mythical 100 mpg car has been waiting to be marketed for 30 years. Do you really believe GM or Ford or Toyota would not create it and sell such a vehicle if it were possible?

I cannot believe the American People are not in a rage over the Democrat-controlled Congress' refusal to allow drilling and exploration of oil in every nook, cranny, ocean, forest and tundra in America. The President, the Republicans and McCain are idiots not to scream about this from every rooftop, on every Sunday news show, in every speech. Congress' approval rating is one third as high as Bush's record low approvals. Hammer them, paint the Democrats as the party of wishes not reality. Label them as out of touch dreamers.

There I go, hoping someone in the Republican Party had some balls. Who is wishing now?

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