September 30, 2008

Dear Liberal Reader

I am going to be blunt here. I am typing really slow so you will not miss my point. If you say the Republicans or George Bush caused the current economic situation, you are either a fucking idiot or a liar. If that hurts your feelings, sorry about that. I can take reasoned disagreement. I can accept a difference on policy. Refusal to accept that deregulation played only a very small part in this crisis, the real culprit was the policies of Carter, Clinton and the push to grant more minorities homeowners makes you blind. So screw you Nancy Pelosi, you worthless cunt, eat me John Kerry, and may you rot in hell Dodd and Frank. You caused this, now you want to be the savior? It makes me sick you cannot put the needs of the country ahead of politics for one lousy day. I do not think the taxpayers should be the bailers here, but we need our Representatives to come together to find a solution, not try to make political hay. Further, if you think raising taxes on businesses, capital gains and more government spending will get us out of this mess you are too fucking to stupid to live. Quit wasting my oxygen.

Like I said, I can take disagreement and reasoned debate, I will not tolerate fools.

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