September 12, 2008

Friday Five

Hah, just screwing with you, there is no Friday Five today.

The rain has set in and the weather quack says we can expect to have rain until at least Tuesday.

Today is Homecoming at the local high school. The boy's buddies are trying to talk him into painting his chest for the game. I bet he doesn't.

We are heading into birthday season here at the old homestead. The daughter will be 22 on the 14th, my brother (sometimes commenter/poster Otter) will be ___on the 22nd.
The youngest will be 15 on September 30, and the oldest boy will be 20 on October 1. Yes, all my kids have birthdays within two weeks of each other. I guess January historically has been a good month for me! Do the math.

If I were one of the fifty Governors, I would be more than pissed today. If The Obama does not condemn in the strongest language the comments from Democrats equating Governor Palin with Pontius Pilate, he is a willing participant.

Governor Palin did not come off so well in the excerpts from the interview with ABC I saw this morning. How any politician cannot have any idea of the Bush Doctrine is not clear to me. Of course Bush has not followed his doctrine so I guess it is unfair to hold someone's feet to the fire for not remembering a dead concept.

I am operating on half speed today, the corporate types are off today for the Company picnic, I guess I might hold my own version here.

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