September 16, 2008

On the economy

Sometimes someone just says it better than I ever could:
But is the economy fundamentally sound? Yeah, I reckon so. It is as long as congress will let the economy work. But congress can't pass laws requiring banks to loan to people who are not credit worthy then expect banks to not go under. Congress cannot make laws that penalize producers for producing then wonder why the economy tanks because producers are leaving the country in droves...taking their jobs and what money they can with them. The American worker has always been one of the most productive if not the most productive on this earth. American inventors and entrepreneurs have been the drivers of the world's economy for going on two centuries... and can continue to be so if government will back off and let them without undue regulation and taxes. Yeah, the economy is fundamentally sound because the economy after all is the American people..and I still have faith in the American people..even some of the dim-a-crits

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