September 11, 2008

Preaching to the choir

I cannot believe I am still seeing the same old belief in fairy tales from those on the left.

The Republicans stole the 2000 Election Independent counts by at least five different commissions and media representatives have recounted the votes in Florida and GW Bush won in every count. You should probably get your facts straight before you look like bigger idiots.

John Kerry was defeated through lies The Democrats now use "swiftboated" as a verb to describe a negative, untrue attack. There is only one problem, no one has ever stepped forward and proved the claims by those who actually served with Kerry were false. Kerry himself only claimed the attacks were unfair. This whole issue could be settled easily -- Kerry should release his military records, as he promised to do some four years ago. I cannot believe (well, yes I can) that the media lets this 'swiftboat' verb go unchallenged.

Clinton was impeached for having an affair No, he was impeached for perjury. He lied under oath in a court case about sexual harassment of a female worker in Arkansas. I would have thought the NOW gang would have been all over this, but I guess they are only an organization for women with a liberal political bent. He was disbarred for these lies.

We are in the middle of the worst economy since... Except the economy has grown every quarter for almost six years. We still have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Our productivity is the highest in the world. Yes, things are not as good as they were, and we have some economic issues, but maybe we should point out that most of the negative things have occurred while the Democrats have controlled Congress?

We cannot drill our way out of high gas prices If you believe this you are an idiot. More supply = lower prices. We should pursue alternate energy and conservation. Reducing the horsepower of American cars would help immediately. But drilling for own resources (and Yes Mrs. Pelosi, natural gas is a fossil fuel too!) would have an effect on prices. It may take time, but no longer than it does to invent, test , develop and market an alternative. There is an conservative estimate that we have enough oil to meet our needs for the next 250 years. Consider that 250 years ago most of this nation was wilderness, the French and Indian War and Revolution had yet to be fought. Transportation was by shanks mare or horse or sail. We did not start using oil as a source for fuel until 125-150 years ago. I am sure technology will find a replacement in the next 250 years.

Bush attacked Iraq for no reason His list of reasons was the same ones President Clinton used when he bombed Iraq.

Bush has sold our country to the Chinese It was the Clinton administration that let the Chinese take control of Long Beach Harbor and both ends of the Panama Canal. It was the Clintons who sold the Chicoms the missile aiming technology and took millions in campaign funds.

The Bush administration is responsible for the high foreclosures Banks and individuals make loans. Banks made bad lending decisions, people took out loans they could not afford. Just like the dot-com bubble and the high oil prices today, some people looked at buying and selling loans as a good way to make money. When it was no longer profitable they jumped out and the last guy holding the loan (like Bear Sterns) got burned in this real-life game of hot potato. I am pretty sure Karl Rove did not force one single person to sign a high interest or variable rate mortgage.

Bush is responsible for the falling dollar I will give you partial credit for this, he did not use his veto pen like he should have. On the other hand, you need a civics lesson (and no, that is not about Japanese made cars). Congress passes spending bills. That would be both Democrats and Republicans. High deficits results in a falling dollar. Email me and I will explain that in detail if you have no understanding of basic economics. A weak dollar results in higher oil prices. Read my archives I explained that in detail some time ago.

Tax Cuts only help the rich 30 years prove this wrong. In fact it was that Democrat icon JFK who first proposed the notion that cutting taxes would help the economy and bring increased revenue and wealth for all. If this was not true, why would the Democrat controlled Congress send us a "tax rebate" to "spur the economy"?

Oh, this is an exercises in futility. If you really believe Bush stole the election, there is no hope you will listen to facts and reason about the rest. You probably believe the local licence branch or Social Security Office is a productive experience and that we want those same people running our health care system. You probably think FDR's New Deal was a great idea, and Alger Hiss was framed. You have no issue with the Rosenbergs selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets. You think nuclear power is a problem, and we should cry over trees. You believe the polar bears are dying and the polar ice cap is melting. You are convinced the world is in a climate crisis. You think America is the cause of the world's problems and if we could just talk reason then the world would love us. You think we would be safer if we could just get rid of all guns, and maybe we really should give peace a chance. I bet you think the military is bad and you have serious issues with the Boy Scouts. You do not think we should keep score in soccer games. You believe in open borders and that the Government should control prices and wages. You are against killing criminals and for killing babies. You believe insects and mice and snail darters and owls are more important than people. You are against hydroelectric power, coal power, nuclear power and wind farms near your house, but complained when the power grid went down a few years ago. You believe it makes sense that we drive smaller cars, so that we all have less chance to survive a collision. You think it could be possible Bush blew up the World Trade Center and that putting underwear on your head is torture. You think suburbs are evil and that a crucifix in a jar of urine is art. You really believe the Jews in Israel are practicing apartheid and send money to the Palestinian cause. You support Jimmy Carter. You believe in the UN. You like the designated hitter rule. You see nothing weird or wrong or crazy about anything in this paragraph.

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