September 6, 2008

Saturday, Saturday

I have stated here before, I rarely dream and if I do,I usually do not remember it. This morning I had a disjointed crazy dream, and fragments are still floating in my brain pan. Of course things that make perfect sense while you slumber away in the arms of Morpheus seem downright schizophrenic in the harsh light of day. I do know that at least part of the dream involved going back to college. I have this dream every fall. Psych majors would likely tell me this is reflection I want to return to a more carefree time. Just as the calender moves to fall and the days get cooler and the leaves fall from the trees, I too am entering the Autumn of life. My hair is receding, and I do not pursue activities with the same vigor as I did in my youth. Maybe it means I want to keep learning. Perhaps it is a reflection of the time of year, after all, kids are going back to school. Maybe, it is just a dream.

Not much is on tap this weekend. Some house cleaning, a little yard work. I hope to get in some quality nap time and reading. I might find a good movie. No cartoons for this weekend, my well has run dry. I might have to resort to reruns.

Enjoy your day.

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