September 3, 2008

Why I am rooting for da Mets

It is a pretty sad day when a boy from the heartland roots for anything from the Big Apple. As a lifelong Cubs fan, cheering on the Mets leaves a particular bad taste on my tongue, something akin to the flavor of skunk, garlic, broccoli, and Listerine-infused turds. 1969 haunts true Cubs fans still.

The Cubs dropped another game last night, the fourth in a row. Thankfully, the Mets posted a victory over the evil Brewers to keep the Cubs a nice margin ahead in the NL Central.

So I hoist an imaginary interwebz cold one to Erica and her Metsies, may they continue to master the foes from Milwaukee.

And a quick personal note to Skipper Pinella -- Howry just ain't getting it done.
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