October 9, 2008

Dear John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

Can I call you John?

Let me understand your latest proposal. We just took $750,000,000,000 to bail out banks for making bad business decisions. These banks gave loans and mortgages to unqualified people who could not make the payments. Now you want to take my money and give it to these same people who took on loans they could not afford? In essence you want me to make my rent/mortgage, the mortgage of a guy who cannot afford his payments, and pay the bank for making the bad loan? Am I missing something here?

I was never a big fan, you have been a little too liberal for me. You brought me back with your Veep selection, and the basic fact that I would vote for The Obama when flying monkeys shoot from my asshole singing Michael Row the Boat Ashore in rounds while twirling flaming batons. Now you have gone so far toward socialist-government-is the answer policies you might have convinced me to just not vote.

Whomever is advising you is an idiot. If you are coming up with this garbage you should listen to your advisers. The American people were overwhelmingly against the bailout. Your latest proposal is more of the same. Are you crazy? If you are going to pander, at least choose a program that will actually buy votes, not drive away those who might have supported you.

While I am tossing you free advice, your representative completely blew it on the Today Show this morning. When pressed why you were bring up The Obama's ties to terrorists, she should not have said it was unimportant. You should hammer it. Try the approach that we have had Presidents in the past with character flaws, that lied to the American People. Ask if we want to go down that road, electing people with questionable character? Point out that The Obama has ties to Ayers, Dorn, Rev. Wright, Mike Rezco: all of questionable and shady character. The Obama says he did not know these people held anti-American views or were criminals. Ask the American people if they want to elect someone with such bad judgement and people reading skills. If he has such poor judgment in choosing associates, how can we trust him to negotiate and interact with the Irans of the world?

While I am on the subject of the Today Show, you have finally pushed me too far with your biased reporting NBC. You give the Dems unlimited rebuttal time and hammer the Repubs. Enough, I will exercise my opinion by tuning in to another show.

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