October 3, 2008

Debate redux

I watched the beginning of the Veep Debate last night, and sections between innings of the Cubs/Dodgers abortion. Mind you, I am in a pretty foul mood today on account of both events.

Pallin missed an easy homerun by pandering to the populist crowd. She had a clear chance to place the Mortgage bailout blame on both Wall Street and the FUCKING DEMOCRATS who caused it -- especially the policies of Clinton and the CRA. Every clear analysis shows that those incestuous cousins Freddie and Fannie were the prime culprits in the credit death spiral. Pallin took the McRino position and blamed Wall Street.

She gave only a lukewarm position that man is not completely responsible for Global Warming. She let Biden get away with saying the polar caps were melting. She is from Alaska for cripes sake, she knows the polar ice is thicker than it has been in several years right now.

Later, she made some good points and I thought she hammered the Dims pretty good on the war and taxes. She did point out that The Obama has a spending list longer than his arm. She missed a good opportunity to point out that Bidden only said the things they could not afford given the current economy is what McCain wants to do. That means the Dims are going to try and push their Socialist agenda. Hello weaker dollar, hello higher prices.

Pallin did hammer him on drill now, at least in the few minutes I saw between innings.

I would put the results a tie, but most pundits had her flubbing badly, which she did not do. Compared to the low media expectations she did great. By the end of the day she will be a moron again, all Repubs are morons to the media.

The moderator was very fair.

I said this in comments over at Nathan's, politics is a nasty street fight -- it always has been. McCain (and thus Pallin) want to fight by Gentleman's rules. They are preparing for a boxing match while their opponents are preparing for a brawl. The Republicans have to come out swinging. They should have pinned the economic mess on the policies of Clinton. She should have forced Biden to say why we should not pursue drilling along with alternate energy. She should have pointed out it might take ten years to get oil flowing, but how long will it take to develop alternate energy that does not exist? She should have pointed out it was the Dems that blocked drilling in Anwar ten years ago -- we would have the oil NOW.

I read e;sewhere that Pallin never mentioned "The Democratic Party" even once. She will not praise the Republican Party. This is straight from the McCain playbook. The problem is that if she does not blame the other guy, or support her party's past good actions, she does noty give the pudding head undecideds any amunition. They can onluy go by the ads they see. The Liberal wing of the Democratic party must be blamed for their actions.

Oh well, it is as I feared, we are voting for either a Socialist or a less Socialist government. Where is the next Reagan?

I am sure some of my readers are not going to be pleased with this commentary. I try to be objective on occasion (just when I criticised Bush earlier this year).

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