October 29, 2008

I have low expectations


Just as I thought, not one liberal, I love The Obama type, will jump into the fray and offer a substantive reason to vote for the Chosen One. The real reason goes beyond fear of name calling, but more to the fact there is no substance there. I am not calling out the loverly Mrs. O'Brien here, she is under no obligation to amuse me. There are plenty of Obama supporters who showed up to attack me previously, but where are they now? You cannot defend Obama's record because he does not have one. You cannot defend his plan, because he does not have one. The Obama is an empty suit.

This is America, and if you want to place your trust in empty promises of Hope and Change, that is your right. I would prefer there was a little thought behind your vote, but who am I to demand it? This election, my friends, is perfect proof of the genius of our founders. They were adamant the People not elect the President. They knew the office was too important to be treated like a popularity contest or voting for student body President. The put in the Electoral College to filter popular nonsense. That system saved us from disaster in 2000 and just might save us again.

I am not holding my breath, but the invitation for reasoned debate stands. Email me and I will give you access to the old blog so you can make your fact-filled policy statement as a post instead of in the comments.

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