October 17, 2008

On the cutting edge

I sharpened some of my knives yesterday. I like my kitchen knives to be razor-sharp. I have some good knives and some cheap ones. The cheap ones are easier to sharpen, but they do not hold an edge as well. My really good knives rarely need sharpening.

I sharpened my old Boy Scout sheath knife. I do not think the Scouts let kids wear that type of knife any more. That knife saw me through a lot of scouting and camping. I have used it to create tinder for fires, cut rope and build fire-by-friction sets. It has cut knots from shoestrings and whittled a thousand toothpicks. I have eaten from it and skinned rabbits and squirrels with its keen blade. It has been used as a pry, a screwdriver, and twice as a weapon (luckily no one was hurt).

There a lot of memories tied to that thin four inch blade. It helped me become an Eagle Scout and a Firecrafter.

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