November 14, 2008

Friday Five

Here it is a dark and gloomy Friday and I have nothing of import to share with you. This is not a new phenomenon as long-time participants in this experiment can attest. Sometimes one can spend hours in esoteric navel-gazing and still find nothing more interesting than a piece of sweater lint. I am bored with politics. The proverbial bed has been made and we are about to slumber with the bedbugs and lice and assorted other creepy-crawlies the electorate threw on the soiled sheets. So much for hope and change, the only change being the new administration will be made up of Clinton attack dogs and hard-core Democrats.

The economic issues we face are so far above my paygrade and understanding we might as well discuss quantum physics and the intricacies of subatomic theory. All I know is the gears of our industrial might are grinding together and the metal shards ground off will affect the chugging engine of commerce in bad, bad ways. It is a sad day when our choices are to watch the banking and industrial sectors of our economy fail or have them propped up through Government ownership and communistic tactics. Both choices are akin to dying by either a thousand knife cuts or a quick bullet. In the end you are just as screwed.

All of this gloom and doom sure sets the stage for a happy Friday, eh?

I am off next week to Sodom-on-the-Hudson for the semi-annual sales beat-down. I would rather have chop-sticks thrust in my ears than go this time. The prognosis for business in 2009 is poor at best and the message will be a resounding "do something about it". Does anyone really believe I sat around until my sales were cut by half, heard the bossman say "Hey, go get more business" before I gave any effort at all? WTF have I been doing for the last year as my quarterly bonus/commission disappeared like Obama's promises of Hope and Change and tax cuts?

So here I sit, nothing to say, yet filling a whole post with negativity. Life is like a bag of barbies, man: a real downer. Finance, politics, business, work, lack o' nooky, the gray cold weather, the Cubs, all have me low. I feel the onset of the mean reds, Holly Golightly's description of life beyond even feeling blue. The past year has been a struggle on multiple fronts. I know I am not alone. As the Holidays approach I hope to find my equilibrium, set my controls for the heart of the sun and look at a bright future.

Maybe I just need some bacon and a kick in the ass.

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