November 26, 2008

I do not have the energy

Over the past few years we have seen numerous reports that the power grid in this country is antiquated. We are just waiting for the next major power outage. Every summer we see reports of brown-outs. As far as I know nothing has changed. No major nuclear plants have been built. I cannot remember the last time I read about a new hydroelectric power station. Obama says there will be no new coal plants built and that if the power companies try he will bankrupt them with regulations and law suits. Bidden says we should get rid of all coal powered power plants. Since coal provides roughly fifty percent of our electricity, that will be a tough road. I would guess our energy and electrical issues are only going to increase in the next four to eight years.

As I understand it, moving the US to energy-efficient electric cars is a major initiative of the new administration. If we already have energy issues, how will adding millions of electric cars help?

Has anyone thought this through?

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