November 9, 2008

La Jeux Sont Fait

The boy went to his first real "dance" last night. He had to wear a tie and shoes that weren't made for a tennis court or basketball floor -- real dress up black oxfords. He was not thrilled when I told him he had to button the top button on his dress shirt. I think he had a good time. His date straightened his thick wavy hair. He was not thrilled by that, but told his Mom "it was her dance". I told him to get used to it, that is a woman's goal in life -- to change her man. The wife told me to shut up and go change my shirt.

The wife and I went to Indy to see a movie last night. On the way home I saw a house with a Christmas tree in the window. Too early I think, and I love Christmas.

I had some strange ass dreams last night. In one portion, I was driving a long trip and pulled into the parking lot of a gas station/convenience store to get a little rest, refreshment, and gas. I was dozing in the passenger seat when an old lady emplyee asked me to move the car to another parking space so she could clean up some trash that was under my car. This angered me to no end and I drove off screaming that she just cost her store fifty dollars in sales. I guess the part of my brain that controls dreams has some anger issues.

When the boy wakes up I am going to make some biscuit donuts.

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