November 19, 2008

Who am I?

I was born in Glasgow on October 20, 1792. My uncle, a colonel, convinced the Duke of York to commission me an ensign in the 9th Foot in 1808. I served with distinction in the Peninsular War. I was twice wounded. For my efforts I was promoted to Captain and sent to the 60th Rifles. I spent the next thirty years in various posts finally becoming a colonel. I served in various regiments including the 9th and the 98th. It was with the 98th that I again proved an able commander during the Opium War of 1841-1843.

I waas finally promoted Brigadier General and posted to Calcutta. I led successful campaigns during the Second Sikh War. I was knighted in 1849 for my services. I was given command of the volatile Northwest Frontier until 1852.

I was given command of the Highland Brigade for the Crimean War, I led the victorious Highlanders at Varna and Alma. I commanded Balaclava during the siege in winter of 1854-1855. I commanded the reserve at the storming of the Redan in 1855. I was promoted to Lt. General and returned to England as Inspector General.

In 1857 the Sepoy Rebellion broke out and I was offered the post of Commander-in-chief of India. I relieved Cawnpore and the siege of Lucknow. By May of 1858 I had returned peace to Northern India. I was raised to peerage as Lord Clyde.

I returned in retirement to England in 1860, promoted to Field-Marshall. I died in 1863 and I am buried in Westminster Abbey.

I am Colin Campbell, Baron Clyde of Clydesdale.

Facts derived from The Wordsworth Dictionary of Military Biography.

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