December 18, 2008

Ramping Down

Today is the last day of work, I am on vacation until January (use it or lose it). I got most major stuff out of the way this week. Expenses are caught up. Emails are answered.

The wife and I did a boatload of Christmas shopping last night. We blew through a serious wad of cash, let me tell you. Since she had purchased exactly two gifts prior to last night, and we got almost everything bought, it was a pretty good night.

Let me pause here to explain to Sammy The Dude that the previous two paragraphs are not related. I am aware of it. When I want your remarks and opinion on English Composition I will email you.

I fixed a dish for my wife to take to work for a pitch-in. Now my hands smell of green onions.

As I will be coasting the next few days, I may or may not have posts worth reading. My best advice is to check back often.

Maybe more later.

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