December 2, 2008

So there

I kicked myself in the ass and slapped the shit outta my face. No more bellyaching. Life is good. As Jim sings in Holiday Inn (the greatest Christmas movie ever), I've got plenty to be thankful for...

It snowed on and off all day, but there wasn't much accumulation. Now it finally feels like winter and the Christmas season. The wife got a lot of the house decorated. She has a ton of Christmas stuff and replaces every trinket and wall hanging with a Christmas-themed item. The house is very country and filled with primitives and "stuff" so that is a lot of work. The place foes look good when she is finished though. Maybe I will take some pictures when it is finally complete. She has so much stuff that she takes pictures of the arrangements so she remembers how it all goes the next year.

the balance was edited. I should not post late at night when I am tired...

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