December 11, 2008

A solution

We were at dinner yesterday. I took the family to rare meal out. There was a large group next to us, and is often the case, the discussions were rather loud as a person at one end of the table talked to one at the other end. The discussions were centering on the auto bailout. "What we outta do", says one guy, "is just give Michigan to Canada. Detroit is just a hellhole, criminal drain. The Canadians love that socialist health care and government industry concept". He added "Shit, most of Michigan is north of Ontario anyway, it just makes sense". The man opined we would still get the cars, as a lot of assembly is already done in Canada. He regaled his table with the story of his one and only trip to Michigan, including the decrepit Holiday Inn,witnessing a robbery on the 'mugger mover' while heading for dinner in Greektown.

I thought about some of my trips to Michigan and Detroit. Maybe the guy had a point.

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