December 7, 2008

Three tips to improve your golf swing

I am up early this Sunday morning. I was having some strange dreams again. There were no wolves this time, it was far worse; I was dreaming about work. Nothing ruins a night of slumber like dreams about work. It makes me one pissed off boy when I get up. I blame the horseradish I had on my prime rib for dinner.

I have been travelling virtually non-stop the last three weeks, I got home late on Friday, I have to leave tonight on another trip and I spend my Saturday night dreaming about work! No wonder I am depressed and angry.

So how is your weekend going so far? Is your shopping done yet? I have the trees up and decorated, the wife has most of the house decorated inside. I still have to do the outside. At this point I think I am going to just string some lights in the bushes and be done with it.

I went and put on some pants. I was cold. You did not know I was blogging in my pajamas did you? Don't get yourselves all hot and bothered ladies (and guys who lean that way). I sleep in an old T-shirt and cotton gym shorts. The shorts do have small holes in the back where they are falling apart from age. You can see my tighty-whities if I bend over. You are panting with desire now aren't you?

As I look out of the living room window I see a pink tinge to the sky. I guess we might see the sun today. It is supposed to be anti-Gore cold again today. I am rambling, so that is a sure sign to quit typing. Enjoy your Sunday.

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