May 4, 2009

Times, They Are a Changin'

I originally wrote this post back on April 14. It was actually up for about three minutes. Since I am paranoid, I took it down so she would not somehow stumble across the secret.

I got a call from my daughter's boyfriend yesterday around lunchtime. He wanted to know if I could meet him for a drink in the evening. Uh-oh.

They have been dating for about four years. She is due to graduate from college next month Saturday. He graduated two years ago and has a good job and a house.

He asked my blessing and permission to marry my daughter. It wasn't necessary, but it was a classy move. I answered truthfully, he has my blessing, but does not need my permission. I also told him that I could not have picked a better man for my daughter. I meant it too.

He has not asked her yet, so do not spoil it, OK? So now my baby girl is engaged, as of last night.

I guess I better be looking for a second job, the wife says weddings are expensive. I told her I thought an elopement was romantic. The look I got froze the water in my glass. I think my role in this thing has been fulfilled.

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