April 13, 2009

Happy Monday

For some reason I am tired this morning. I watched the Cubs win, or maybe I should say I saw the Brewers give away the game. They walked in four Cubs runs. I hear on the radio a dead goat was hanging on the Harry Caray statue at Wrigley Field early this morning. Does this remove the curse, or extend it?

I think I lost count of the spoons of coffee when making my morning brew. It is a tad strong. I am going to drink it though. I will chew as necessary. I guess the coffee could be described in the manner the great Western writer Louis L'Amour always claimed his characters made coffee -- "strong enough to float a horseshoe".

We went to my Mom's for Easter dinner yesterday. The food was great. It was nice to see my parents, I have not seen them for a while.

It is raining again. I am thinking about building an ark. If I do, there will not be any f-ing snakes put on board this time. I need to do so much yard work, if it would ever get dry and warm. The long cold winter has morphed into a long cold spring.

Another of my favorite reads has abandoned the blog life. Say goodbye to the Dragon's Den over there on the sidebar. I will leave up the link for a while in case she comes to her senses and begins to entertain us again.

I am glad to see The Obama finally took my counsel and invoked some action against the Pirates. Now there are three less assholes to menace the world. We are all better off. I hope they are rotting in Hell already. It is my fervent hope the Navy either tossed the bodies to the sharks, or even better, left them floating in the lifeboat as a warning to the other assholes with similar thoughts of screwing with Uncle Sam.

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