April 20, 2009

Mountains come out of the sky and stand there

Happy Monday. It is a cold rainy day here in the heart of Hoosierland. The weather dude said we have had more than four inches of rain already this month. It is forecast to rain through Wednesday. There is promise of a big warm-up later in the week.

This is my week off from work, sans pay. I filed for unemployment on-line this morning. I will not get anything, but now I am set to get my $390 per week if the company does this nonsense again this year. The wife has a big list of stuff she thinks I am going to do this week. I think I might have thrown it away. It was an accident, I thought it was trash.

Did you see the pictures of Your President giving that Commie Bastard Chavez a "soul handshake". Does that guy have no sense of class? Just think, GW was castigated for being a stupid, redneck buffoon with no gravitas or moral authority. He was portrayed as an embarrassment to the world, with no respect from other Government's leaders. At least he did not gift the PM a bunch of CDs and and bow to a Saudi King and act all "brother" with a fucking lunatic. Had this been Bush, some of you hypocrites from the left would have dropped four hundred words about the shame of it all in your blogs, and the MSM would have a feeding frenzy for weeks on end. I can respect people whop take a stand, no matter how ill-conceived or poorly thought out.

I hate hypocrites.

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