April 22, 2009

My hands felt like two balloons

It is hump day and that means trash day at the old homestead. I put out the garbage, but I forgot about the big pile of yard waste beside the house. I guess I will get to it next week.

For lunch I had a bowl of broccoli cheese soup and a bit of last night's leftover roast beef. For dessert I had a slice of fresh pineapple with a very little chocolate sauce and a second syrup I made from apricot preserves boiled down with a little water. The combination of the three flavors was delicious. Some days I surprise myself.

I finally rid myself of the evil earworm Maniac yesterday afternoon. I woke this morning with the opening line floating around my brain yet again. What is going on?

I am I the only who finds it amusing that the President and his sycophant followers are dead set against pulling fraternity-type hazing on detainees and are almost universally appalled by the death penalty, but have no problem killing a baby when the mother is inconvenienced by a pregnancy that is caused in 99.999% of the time by her willing copulation?

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