April 28, 2009

Over at the Bash Brothers

Josh and Dave over at We are Superior to Everyone continue to show us mere mortals everything that is wrong in the world.

To summarize, if you are the Alabama Legislature, Hoosiers, or less than fervent supporters of the current First Lady, you are not up to snuff. In fact, they infer that if you do not kiss the ground touched by Mrs. Obama's dirty Keds you just may be retarded. I should add, after reading their well-reasoned diatribes, for the first time I am really proud of my country.

Today the arbiters of taste and correctness take on the world of Major League Baseball Blogs. Apparently, people with less knowledge than the Professors over at Old Men actually had the gall to comment at a public forum at MLblogs.com:
So at first, everything seemed great. We were getting hot scoops from completely random people with no real baseball knowledge or insight

When they ran across something they could not countenance, a Jew tracking fellow Jews in baseball. As Sam and Dave Josh and Drake Josh and Dave describe it:
a nonsensical compilation of everything all the Jews in Major League Baseball did on the diamond the day before.

Once again they have searched high and low to find a blog and offer their uninvited criticism. I know I am so much better off knowing that they think writing a blog about the interests of the author is a waste of time.

I hope these geniuses can take some time and tell me what blogs over there on the right in the blogroll are worthy of their shit stained thumbs up.

Maybe, they could, in their spare time, offer some criticism of the lame-brains in the White House ( It wasn't Michelle!) who thought it was a good idea to fly airliners at low level over NY City. The Obama must have good pics of Air Force One for his scrapbook, doncha know!

There is your update for today on who does not make the grade according to Dave and Josh.

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