April 3, 2009

Secrets of the world revealed

I made a nice lasagna last night. I hate to be the one that opens the doors of mystery, but lasagna is just not that hard to make. I might add, I make my own sauce -- no jar stuff for me.

Life continues here at the old homestead, it is cold and blustery today after heavy rain last night. I have a lot of yard work to do and the rains have greened up the grass. I refuse to mow the lawn when the temperature is in the 40's.

The boy continues baseball practice, it looks as if he will be the starting center fielder for the freshman team.

I am so dismayed, so much in shock over the rapid decent of our nation into socialism, I am without words. Discussions of a one world government, of a global currency leave me chilled. The Obamas constant refrain that he has to fix America leaves me stunned. We live in the most successful nation in the history of the world, and he believes it needs to be changed? Seriously, you who voted for this guy, is this what you wanted? Is this what you expected? Do you really think the bankruptcy of our nation is a good thing? Do you really truly believe the people owe their existence to the Government, not the reverse? Am I the only one who looks at the news every day, and find myself speechless?

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