April 14, 2009

Tuesday. I boast and whine. A typical day around here.

I made some biscuits this morning. No reason other than I wanted some. There is nothing better than a warm biscuit dripping melted butter. Being the self-centered codpiece I am, I waited until the boy left for school and the wife went to work. It sucks to be them, I guess.

The boy has his first baseball game of the season, providing the fields are dry and the rain holds off. There is a slim chance of either I would wager.

I will be off work next week -- an involuntary, unpaid vacation. I am not too happy about it, but I guess it beats the alternative. The company also has stopped matching 401K deposits and we all took a pay cut in February. Business is so bad I am not making any bonuses this year either. So to sum it up, I am working harder and travelling more for less pay and benefits. Thanks Democrats in Congress.

It appears GM will have to file for bankruptcy after all. That means we have dumped billions into the company with the same result if they had done it 5 months ago. Seriously, do we want these same nitwits in Government deciding the fate of our medical care?

I had another post up for about five minutes, but I am paranoid and took it down. I will post it again in a few days. Maybe...If you beg. And bark like a dog.

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